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Staghound Armoured Car

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Staghound Armoured car nearly ready for display 17 November 2021

 Technical Details  

Staghound Armoured Car T17 El: 1942+

Length: 5.48m, Width: 2.69m, Height: 2.36m , Weight: 13.95 tonnes

Crew: 5

Power-plant: Two GMC 6-cyl. petrol engines, each 97 bhp at 3000 rpm. Power steering and an automatic gearbox were standard. However, the gearbox lacked high speed reverse (a desirable feature in any reconnaissance vehicle).

Armament: 1 x 37mm (stabilised) gun M6 with 103 rounds and power traverse, 2 x .30 cal Browning Mg.

Armour: 9-45mm. Speed: 90 kph

Range: 725km

Maker: Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation, USA.


Restoration in progress March 2008

In November 2021, the Staghound turret is replaced as one of the final steps before it goes on display.

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The Staghound was the product of a joint effort in 1942 by British and American military staff, to draw up specifications for an armoured car. Approximately 3,000 of the original design were produced. A further 1,000 anti-aircraft models (mounting twin .50 cal Browning Mg.) were also manufactured.

The standard vehicle T17 El was named the Staghound and was a 4 x 4 car with a turret mounting a 37mm gun. Some vehicles were subsequently refitted with a 3in tank howitzer for infantry close support.

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The first vehicles (182) were received in May 1944, and the total number received by August 1944, amounted to 279 vehicles.

The 1st Australian Armoured Car Squadron was part Australia's contribution to the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF), Japan. This Unit was formed at Puckapunyal on 21 January 1946 and sailed for Japan in April of that year. The Unit returned to Australia in December 1948 and was subsequently renamed the 1st Armoured Regiment, so becoming the first armoured unit in the Australian Regular Army.

Both 1/15 RNSWL and 12/16 HRL began using the Staghound as a training vehicle from 1956. It was also used by other CMF (Reserve) Armoured Units namely 10th Light Horse W.A. By 1964, the Staghound was being replaced by other vehicles, for by that time, it was no longer capable as operating as an effective combat vehicle.

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