The Royal New South Wales Lancers

Inside the Matilda

Driver's Cockpit   Engine Room   Fighting Compartment Looking Forward   Fighting Compartment Looking Aft

Inside the Matilda

 Driver's Cockpit  

Driver's Cockpit

  1. Festoon Lamp   8. Side and tail lamp switch   15. Driver's hood   22. Air pressure gauges
  2. Stop and trip time clock   9. Driver's hood operating lever   16. Brow pads   23. Throttle control 
  3. Periscope   10. Gear change operating pedal   17. Bullet proof glass panel   24. Driver's elevating seat
  4. Engine Starter Switch   11. Steering Lever   18. Series parrallel switch   25. Speedometer
  5. Ammeter   12. Accumulators   19. Lever operating visor   26. Horn button
  6. Engine Cut Out   13. Gear Selector   20. Water temperature gauges  
  7. Electrical Switch Box   14. Gear change operating rod   21. Oil pressure gauges  

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Engine Room

  1. Radiator covers turned back   5. Brake adjuster   9. Gear box   13. Radiator overflow
  2. Towing hawsers   6. Radiator lock   10. Radiator cover lock   14. Radiator of right engine 
  3. Exhaust pipe   7. Engine fan   11. Dynamo  15. Water inlet
  4. Water pump   8. Rackam steering clutch operating left track   12. Radiator of left engine raised to show engine

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Fighting Compartment (looking forward)

  1. Ventilator fan   4. 2 Pounder gun   7. Power traverse for rotating turret   10. Signaling Lamp
  2. Brow pad   5. Gun Sight   8. Crutch for elevating gun   11. 7.92 mm BESA Machine Gun 
  3. Periscope   6. Hand traverse for rotating turret   9. Gun triggers   12. Bag for spent cartridges

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Fighting Compartment (looking aft)

 1. Commander's cupola  7. Gunner's arm crutch for elevating gun  13. Spare periscope prisms  19. Spare periscope prism bin
 2. Festoon light  8. BESA machine gun ammunition  14. Microphone  20. Smoke generator cartridge bin 
 3. Periscope  9. Bag for spent shells  15. Power unit for wireless  21. Bin for signal satchel
 4. Head pads  10. Brow pad  16. Wireless  22. 2 Pounder Shell Rack
 5. Loader's hatch  11. Bullet proof glass visor panel  17. Telephone
 6. 2 Pounder gun  12. Spare visor glasses  18. Commander's seat

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