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Regimental Band and Marches

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The Regimental Band 2004

The Regimental Quick March of the 1st/15th Royal New south Wales Lancers is El Abanico.

El Abnico was gazetted as Regimental Quick March in 1951. El Abanico is the Spanish word for "the fan" it refers to a fan-shaped table in a tavern where composer Alfredo Javaloyes, bandmaster of a Spanish Seville regiment, used to spend his time. The march was subsequently adopted by a number of British and Commonwealth Regiments as the Regimental March.

Scipio was also gazetted in 1951 as Regimental Slow March. The music having been written by George Frederick Handel in honour of the Roman General Scipio; it is the slow march of many British and Commonwealth Regiments.

Click on the links below to download wma and wmv files of both marches and the band playing the NSW Lancers March (see Band History for details). The renditions were recorded in 1985, 2004 and 2005, and feature the band of the 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers.

Audio: ElAbnico  (1,782 kb wma file) Scipoio (1,251 kb wma file)

Video: El Abnico (893 km wmv file) NSW Lancers March (890 kb wmv file)


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