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On the morning of 18 February 1918 the regiment left Zakaryia and after watering, proceeded to Kudr, situated in the stony hills not far from Bethlehem. The main supply dump was at Kilo 1 near Jerusalem railway station, and next morning Lieutenant W.F.M. Ross and his troop, after picking up rations at Kilo l, proceeded to Mukmas and reported to the 181st Infantry Brigade as scouts. A Squadron less two troops left at the same time and reported to the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade, moving with it in the attack on Jericho. The regiment formed up and after watering at Solomon's Pools marched with the brigade via Bethlehem to Khurbet Deir Ibn Obeid, where it drew rations, and moved on to el Muntar. The road was almost impassable, being barely a goat track, and the column had to proceed dismounted in single file throughout most of the journey.

B Squadron under Captain Ryrie proceeded at 13:00 to el Aziryh as escort to the two 18-pounder batteries. Next morning the regiment moving at 04:00 proceeded to the support of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade, two kilometres south of Jebel Kahmum.

The enemy were strongly entrenched in all the ground commanding roads to Jericho and it was the cavalry's job to try and get round their left flank near the Dead Sea. With this object in view Lieutenant Parbury and troop were detailed to reconnoitre the road along Wady Kumran; they found it clear of the enemy to the level plain near the Dead Sea, and reported it passable for mounted troops. Major Weir with two troops rejoined from the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade, having had three men wounded and two horses killed by shell fire. Early next morning the regiment moved towards Nebi Musa in support of the 3rd L.H.

Portion of the brigade was now behind the enemy's trenches and the Turks, appreciating the danger when a brigade of horse was free to strike at their communications on the Jordan plain, withdrew their whole force in the dark from both sides of the Jericho road.

After a halt for breakfast, the regiment marched on Jericho, which had also been evacuated. One NCO and four men were detailed to accompany the Intelligence officers into Jericho to arrest undesirables and one NCO and eight men were detailed to escort prisoners.

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